By Bijan Razzaghi

M-1A2 Abrams tanks equipped with the Quick Kill Active Protection System have deployed to Europe as part of the American contingent to support NATO forces. The Quick Kill Active Protection Systems is specifically designed to intercept incoming anti tank missiles and RPGs. Using the same radar that US Forward Operating Bases FOBs use to detect incoming projeciles. The quick kill detects the incoming projectile and destroys it with a small rocket countermeasure.

The system will also be integrated onto the M-2 Bradley and Stryker vehicles. The Active Protection Systems we’re adopted by the US military after Israels experience in Lebanon in 2006. Small groups of infantry armed with Kornet and TOW anti tank missiles overwhelmed Israels Merkava tanks. The same tactic has been adopted by Russian forces to counter NATO amour. The Quick Kill Active Protection System can also defend vehicles from air launched anti tank missiles deployed on attack helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

The US Army has a force consisting of M-1 Abrams, Bradleys and Strykers deployed in Europe. The presence of Amour is designed to deter potential threats from Russia and Russian backed forces.